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Explorations in Ethnic Studies





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This is my first issue as Publications Editor for the National Association for Ethnic Studies (NAES). I consider it quite an honor to have been nominated to be the new incoming editor. I would like to thank the outgoing editor, Gretchen M. Bataille, for all of her support and guidance during this transition period. NAES Publications have profited greatly by her commitment and dedication to ensuring that our journal remain an active outlet in publishing important research being produced by scholars in the field of ethnic studies. With the able assistance of Catherine Udall Turley, our managing editor, I am confident that NAES can continue to serve as an effective vehicle for featuring some of the up-to-date research in our discipline. Ethnic studies publications have had to struggle, sometimes continuously, for their survival. There continue to be positive signs about publications in the field. The new journal of the National Council for Black Studies, The Afrocentric Scholar, recently began publication. Unfortunately, there are some not-so-positive occurrences, like the demise of the Journal of Ethnic Studies after nineteen years of publication. Many individuals had their careers positively impacted by having their research published in this journal when they were yet budding scholars. We cannot afford to have our new publication accomplishments overshadow or obfuscate our knowledge of simultaneous publishing setbacks.


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