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July 2017


I went to New York with a couple of friends of mine. We’re all artists. It was a trip through the Kinetic Imaging department. We’re in New York and we’re these black males – we felt free to do anything we wanted. We recorded ourselves spitting poetry or dancing. The idea kind of came to me: You know, I want to do a film that has that freedom, that has that feeling of not caring about a specific plot line, but that shows the aspects of who we are out there in public performance. So when I came back to A Documentary Narrative: The African-American Male by Rebekah Rifareal, News & Noteworthy Co-Editor A U C T U S // VCU’s Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creativity // N+N // October2013 2 VCU, I got an email saying that UROP was having a summer grant application. I looked back at what I’ve done in the past and what I am as an artist. I love performance art. I love dancing. I love poetry. I love film. So how do you combine all those things together?


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