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January 2019


The central focus of my practice is the serendipitous exploration into geometry, symmetry, design, and color. I have found more and more that the affinity I have for hard-edge geometric abstraction is a deeper reflection of the way in which I process my thoughts and surroundings. In the past year, I have sought to challenge myself by questioning the core of my practice and pushing it to go beyond its individual elements. In this way, I seek to create work that is more than its parts. As a result, I have become more purposeful with my designs and push both the spatial boundaries of my paintings as well as the multifaceted effects that are produced through the strategic handling of color. Although I design the blueprint of each painting ahead of time, they are largely improvisational and the majority of the decisions are made in-process. Furthermore, my paintings are self-referential; they reflect their own making. While my paintings may be loosely conceptual, an understanding or knowledge of these concepts is not integral to the experience of the viewer. Instead, viewers are guided by the associations that they assign them.


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