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May 2021


Quantum computers have recently headlined IBM’s next generation of products promoting computational evolution. After the successful release of the cloud-streaming quantum computer IBM Watson Q, the company has released projections for future development of quantum devices. Because of the incredible processing power of these machines and the expected integration into everyday life in the near future, what implications can this have in the healthcare field?

I am studying cloud-based quantum computers with natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and patient health record data because I want to understand automated, evidenced-based co-optimized treatment of home-bound geriatric patients in order to help my reader understand healthcare-centered quantum computer integration in Virginia.

I have investigated 12 sources retrieved from medical databases, such as PubMed, to extrapolate the expected use of quantum computers in geriatric healthcare. Exploratory inquires into these databases included quantum computers, algorithm design, rural and urban healthcare, ethical implications, body-technology monitoring, co-optimized treatment, diabetic glucose polymers, and expert opinion. Using these sources I have conducted an academic review of the above research problem.

After conducting the academic review and illustrating an optimal system, I discovered the unique challenges of geriatric patients to evaluate compared to the healthcare treatment and prognosis prediction ability of quantum computers. By locating disparities, such as the underutilization of mass medical data and impersonal SQ GRI, I could determine the potential of quantum computer characteristics, such as natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and qubit processing, to better geriatric healthcare. I also determined medical treatment characteristics in both rural and urban settings to better understand CDSS integration in Virginia.

I have determined a cloud-based cognitive computing, quantum computer powered multi-health system design that uses natural language processing and mass health data collection may enhance geriatric patient treatment in Virginia.


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