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I personally found it easiest to rent an iPad from the library to collect my data. The crowd was remotely open to answering students questions. The aspect of introducing myself and meeting new people wasn’t the difficult part. The questions we had to ask were what deterred people away and the aspect of a stranger coming up to them. To get all the information needed to answer the questions we were given took about 10 minutes. When you catch someone walking down the street, they really don’t want to spend 10 minutes talking to a stranger. After the time constraint people were also hesitant to let us measure their hands. During the prelim trials on Wednesday I would say I spent a solid 5 hours in the downtown area. It was very dismaying asking people questions and them walking past you. Most of the time I spent downtown was being ignored by bystanders. In larger crowds, later in the week, it was easier to talk to people because they had less room to run away. I would change the way of going about collecting data. People loved our shirts and overall love free things. If we would have offered free t shirts or coozies people might have been more inclined to give us detailed answers and more insight. Overall the people that did give me the time of day, were incredibly nice and friendly to talk to.


Anthropology of the Crowd (UNIV 291 Sec 030)

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September 2015

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November 2016


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