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November 2015


In order to design P. falciparum preerythrocytic vaccine candidates, a library of circumsporozoite (CS) T and B cell epitopes displayed on the woodchuck hepatitis virus core antigen (WHcAg) VLP platform was produced. To test the protective efficacy of the WHcAg-CS VLPs, hybrid CS P. berghei/P. falciparum (Pb/Pf) sporozoites were used to challenge immunized mice. VLPs carrying 1 or 2 different CS repeat B cell epitopes and 3 VLPs carrying different CS non-repeat B cell epitopes elicited high levels of anti-insert antibodies (Abs). Whereas, VLPs carrying CS repeat B cell epitopes conferred 98% protection of the liver against a 10,000 Pb/Pf sporozoite challenge, VLPs carrying the CS non-repeat B cell eptiopes were minimally-to-non-protective. One-to-three CS-specific CD4/CD8 T cell sites were also fused to VLPs, which primed CS-specific as well as WHcAg-specific T cells. However, a VLP carrying only the 3 T cell domains failed to protect against a sporozoite challenge, indicating a requirement for anti-CS repeat Abs. A VLP carrying 2 CS repeat B cell epitopes and 3 CS T cell sites in alum adjuvant elicited high titer anti-CS Abs (endpoint dilution titer >1x106) and provided 80–100% protection against blood stage malaria. Using a similar strategy, VLPs were constructed carrying P. vivax CS repeat B cell epitopes (WHc-Pv-78), which elicited high levels of anti-CS Abs and conferred 99% protection of the liver against a 10,000 Pb/Pv sporozoite challenge and elicited sterile immunity to blood stage infection. These results indicate that immunization with epitope-focused VLPs carrying selected B and T cell epitopes from the P.falciparum and P. vivax CS proteins can elicit sterile immunity against blood stage malaria. Hybrid WHcAg-CS VLPs could provide the basis for a bivalent P. falciparum/P. vivax malaria vaccine.


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S1_Fig.tif (1089 kB)
Development and characterization of hybrid PB/PF parasites carrying the PF C-Terminus (PB/PF-CSP-CT).

S1_Table.pdf (43 kB)
Kinetics of IgG Ab titers through primary immunization (1°) with WHc(C61S)-Mal-78-3T, at the boost (2°) and at 3 months post-challenge.

S2_Fig.tif (804 kB)
CS Epitope Sequences.

S2_Table.pdf (41 kB)
Immunogenicity of WHc-Pv-78 VLPs.

S3_Fig.tif (712 kB)
Only anti-CS repeat antibodies protect against a sporozoite challenge.

S4_Fig.tif (675 kB)
Comparison of WHc-CS VLPs containing malaria-specific T cell epitopes.

S5_Fig.tif (420 kB)
Conservation of T cell epitopes on P. falciparum and P. berghei CS.