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The Inconveniences that have happened to some persons which have transported themselves from England to Virginia



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Edward Waterhouse, Virginia Company of London
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Dylan Ruediger

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Virginia Historical Society, Rare Books F229 .W32 1622


Photographic facsimile of the Virginia Historical Society's copy of Edward Waterhouse, A Declaration of the State of the Colony and Affaires in Virginia (Rare Books F229 .W32 1622), edited and introduced by Dylan Ruediger.



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Edward Waterhouse’s Declaration of the State of the Colony is the Virginia Company's official response to the Powhatan attack on the plantation in the spring of 1622. The attack, often called the “Jamestown Massacre,” cost the lives of 25% of the population of the colony (individually listed by Waterhouse in a harrowing catalog of the dead). It led to massive retaliation by the English. It also significantly changed the ideological basis of the colonial project in Virginia from one based on naïve hopes that Indians would voluntarily subordinate themselves to the English towards an aggressive colonialism of dispossession. Waterhouse’s text also sought to reassure potential English investors and migrants that the attack would prove a boon to the colony. For this reason, he appended to his account a treatise on the Northwest Passage by Henry Briggs, an account of the charitable donations the colony had secured, and a broadside containing information about the supplies needed by colonists. The British Virginia edition of Waterhouse’s Declaration, edited and introduced by Dylan Ruediger, is the most accessible edition of the text available to students and scholars. It is presented here in two formats, a photographic facsimile of this rare text featuring searchable, full color images of the copy held by the Virginia Historical Society (F229 .W32 1622), and a type facsimile that retains original spelling and layout.


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Henry Briggs (contributor), Boies Penrose II (former owner), Paul Mellon (former owner)




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February 2017

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Colonization, Virginia Company of London, Powhatan, Opecanchanough, Tsenacommacah, 1622 assault/massacre, Northwest Passage, Fretum Hudson, Christian charity, supplies


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A Declaration of the State of the Colony: Photographic facsimile edition