The Cabellian: A Journal of the Second American Renaissance

The Cabellian (1968-1972) was a journal put out by the Cabell Society devoted to the life and legacy of author James Branch Cabell. The Cabell Society was formed on January 15, 1968 with eighty-five founding members. By September 30, 1968, it reported having 133 members in thirty states, the District of Columbia, the Virgin Islands, Canada, England, Scotland and Japan. The journal was published in four volumes with two issues each. Print copies of The Cabellian are available in Special Collections and Archives at James Branch Cabell Library.


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Volume 4

Number 1 (1971)

Number 2 (1972)

Volume 3

Number 1 (1970)

Number 2 (1971)

Volume 2

Number 1 (1969)

Number 2 (1970)

Volume 1

Number 1 (1968)

Number 2 (1969)