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Computers are essential to research yet the different ways in which computers can automate or speed up research have not been fully explored. Researchers are publishing experimental results faster than ever before and the number of articles to read on a single subject now presents an overwhelming task. FiND aims to expedite this process through an extensible backbone infrastructure for the automated synthesizing of data. FiND includes a Web User Interface, Perl Core and MySQL Database developed using the software constraints of Perl, HTML, CSS, CGI and MySQL. FiND attempts to simplify this task by reducing time spent in exhaustive article searching and allow researchers to spend it perusing deeper in the article contents. In addition, a filtration system was also included so researchers can easily locate specific articles of interest. A remaining issue includes generation of specific author identification database values. The FiND infrastructure was developed to allow for the integration of automated text processing methods for the cataloguing of nanotechnology entities. This functionality would provide a more efficient search mechanism and enable the discovery of new relationships between entities. Nanotechnology based medicines can revolutionize the way we diagnose and treat diseases. Our ability to control matter at the nanoscale, which is 50 thousand times smaller than the diameter of a single strand of hair, opens new possibilities for targeted and personalized medicine. In order to fully harness the potential of nanotechnology, we need an automated system to collect and categorize data on nanotechnology.

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Computer engineering, Data Mining, Nanotechnology, Text Processing, Databases


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Robert Dahlberg

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Bridget T. McInnes

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Alberto Cano

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Nastassja A. Lewinski

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August 2016

FiND: Framework for IntelligeNt research Discovery