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Problem Statement: Can we create a web application to help facilitate the estimation of printing services as requested by clients and allow for the full interaction between a client, sales representative, and an administrator all through a single web application.

Rationale: The importance of this project is to create an easy to use online service that a user can access from either their smartphone or desktop computer. If successful, this project will allow users to have quick access to quotes regarding their printing needs anywhere they are without the need of contacting an actual printing company. This project will also allow the owner of a printing company to easily manage and quote potential jobs from customers.

Approach: We aimed to create a web application where an administrator could view all jobs in a queue, assign certain jobs to a sales representative, and communicate with customers in order to better organize the process of managing clients as a print company. We created three endpoints: client, sales representative, and administrator. We wanted to create a client request form, a sales representative portal, an administrative tool to manage the web application, and a pdf estimate generator. The application uses php to interact with a mysql database to form dynamic views.

Anticipated Results/Conclusions: We have created a interactive web application to help handle the cost estimation of printing jobs requested by customers with minimal sales representative intervention. The result would be a deployable web application that could be used in a commercial setting to better manage and organize the needs of the print shops customers.

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computer science, printing


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Preetam Gosh

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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July 2015

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