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Virginia Commonwealth University(VCU) has made a name for its self on the national stage of NCAA Men’s Basketball. Success on the court has brought attention to the many programs VCU has to offer. One of these popular programs is Will Wade’s summer basketball camp. Teams come from all over the Atlantic region to attend the daylong team camp. With such wide-spread interest in the camp and about 50 teams signing up to participate annually and growing, how can VCU Athletics best handle and keep all of the information organized? The project deliverable was an online system that both registers teams in an organized way and helps to schedule games for the camp. The project team had to meet all expectations of VCU Athletics, which includes limitations from NCAA compliance. Team members met with the University’s NCAA Compliance Officers to go over each segment of the project to guarantee the finished project did not cross any legal measures set in place by the NCAA. The project team designed and implemented a front-end web site, accessible to the participants, compatible with a backend database, accessible to the camp staff. This approach was successful in fulfilling both project deliverables. A possible issue remaining is the need for an automated scheduling client that uses data from the database to generate camp schedules. The registration system meets the commercial needs of VCU Athletics by giving Will Wade’s Team Camp the professional competitive edge it needs to become among the top elite camps in the country.

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Computer engineering, Online Registration, Databases, Website, NCAA


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Robert Dahlberg

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Lauren Wade

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August 2016

Will Wade’s Team Camp: An Online Registration Service for Will Wade’s Basketball Team Camp at VCU