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Tatami is a collaborative social media app created by Ippon Technologies that focuses on workflow and communication in an industry setting. Ippon wanted a product that allows members of a company to maximize productivity, and have a communal message board that shows what is going on in the company currently. Functionality of this product would allow a user to create an account, set up and edit their profile and be able to post messages to a workplace timeline. For a more specific and personal timeline we need users to be able to create and subscribe to groups and trends corresponding to particular topics within the company. Most of this functionality existed in an older version of Tatami and the main part of our effort was getting these components to work in the new JHipster environment. Our restructuring of Tatami was more difficult than we thought as many of the components had to be edited for the new environment. These components had to utilize technologies employed by Ippon, namely Cassandra for the database along with HTML and Angular JS for the web interface. We used an agile approach to developing the product by mapping out everything we would need and working on them incrementally in sprints. We are in the final stages of development but by the end, we will have successfully integrated the old product into a new version of Tatami that will be deployable to both mobile and desktop clients.

Tatami will be an easy to use tool that can be adapted to any company and serves as a platform for that company to communicate internally. Registering under a specific domain, companies will have control of who will see and access their Tatami data. Whether the company chooses to host their network on Ippon’s server or locally on their own company’s server, Tatami offers an easier communication infrastructure than traditional email services.

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Robert Dahlberg

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Kenneth Hegeland

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August 2016

Tatami: A Productive Work-Based Social Media