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AMC Technology wanted to add voice over IP (VoIP) functionality to (Customer Relationship Management system). As it is currently, does not have voice functionality, in that you cannot place or receive calls using Salesforce. Adding voice functionality to Salesforce is incredibly useful because it eliminates the need for hardware phones and allows for a more modern and efficient approach to calling for companies that have/rely upon call centers, such as customers of AMC Technology whose products connect CTIs (Computer Telephony Interface) and CRMs. We used a voice service called Twilio to provide functionality with Salesforce. AMC Technology wanted to add the ability to click to dial a client’s number associated with an account and have an outgoing call occur. Also, upon calling an agent using Salesforce, the caller’s account information should popup on the page. We were able to add these features by writing code using Twilio API libraries and nesting that code within AMC’s Contact Canvas Agent (CCA). This would allow for the CCA to pull the voice functionality from Twilio, make a connection with Salesforce and implement the voice functionality into Salesforce. We successfully added these features and will demo them at our station. The benefits of this project are that the need for hardware phones is nonexistent with the use of VoIP functionality and users will have an increase in ease of use along with more time saved on each call.

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Computer engineering, VoIP, voice


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Robert Dahlberg

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James Zhang

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August 2016

Hybrid Call Center: AMC Technology LLC