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The problem our project solves is the feasibility of use of Salesforce, MSCRM and many other CRM technologies outside of the desk environment. When a user is away from their desk, they are unable to easily use these CRM technologies and our project solves that problem through the use of a Mobile Application that communicates with a desired CRM technology and deliver the desired information to an Android Smart-Watch. Regardless of what a company may do, efficiency is important. Through the use of our Mobile Application, companies that use CRM technologies such as Salesforce are able to further enhance their efficiency, especially when away from the desk environment. There are clear advantages to having a more efficient work force, so the impact of our application is clear as well as it aims to improve efficiency. For this project we used an Agile development approach. We viewed the project as three parts that could all be worked on separately and then implemented together after completion of each. This allowed for very rapid development and, as a result, the project was finished quickly. We felt that our project was highly successful and an excellent product worthy of recognition. We’re excited to see what more we can do with it in the following semester and excited to learn what AMC Technology will do with our project after we graduate.

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computer science, CRM integration


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Preetam Gosh

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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July 2015

Mobile CRM Integration Using AMC Technology APIs