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Capital One, a large US bank, is currently providing customers with a mobile servicing experience. One of the features of the mobile servicing app is easy and convenient access to account information. Capital One currently allows users to authenticate using a traditional username / password, their registered SureSwipe feature and even their finger on supported devices. The project's goal is to evaluate the viability of retinal recognition as a new method for biometric authentication.

By successfully developing this project, the application could offer retinal recognition as an additional biometric authentication option to customers. This can be used to help eliminate the risk of users losing their passwords as well as to solve many security concerns related to them.

Two development aspects:

• Mobile Application - the user interface that handles biometric authentication using the EyeVerify SDK

• API - the back-end that handles information and account management using node.js and MongoDB

Throughout two semesters, the team has managed to meet the application and business requirements, as well as produce working prototypes at different stages. Along the development process, the team learned Swift, Objective-C, MongoDB, as well as RESTful API design patterns. Furthermore, the team also gained experience in Swift and Objective-C interoperability, networking, and API integration from mobile clients.

While retinal recognition has many advantages over other methods of biometric authentication, the team would not necessarily recommend it at this time given the current SDK options. Throughout the project it proved to be difficult to work with and restrictive in its functionality. In conclusion, the team would recommend continuing to review additional solutions.

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Robert Dahlberg

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August 2016

Capital One Mobile Authentication: Authentication using Biometric