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The demand for more workers in tech related fields has given students the opportunity of choosing between multiple job offers and students can now be more deliberate about the jobs that they accept. Because of this employers also need to set themselves apart from other companies. Many companies do this is by sending out brochures, PDFs, and other information that may be outdated by the time it goes out. Our solution to this problem was to make an application which would provide relevant data to the user as well as provide insight into the company. The end result is a beautiful, well-made app which allows users to experience Charlottesville through the eyes of WillowTree. Constraints we faced were limited access to photos for use in the applications due to copyright issues as well as keeping consideration of easily maintainable and malleable data. We started with basic information provided to us by WillowTree then worked with them to establish goals and expectations. The end result is a mobile application which can be downloaded through the Apple App Store by anyone new to WillowTree and Charlottesville. Remaining issues are that the app is completely one-sided and does not currently collect data from the user. If this were possible then user data could be passed along to recruiters. Overall, this app will prove to be an invaluable recruiting tool for WillowTree and set WillowTree apart from other employers.

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Computer engineering, mobile, recruiting, iOS, database


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Robert Dahlberg

Faculty Advisor/Mentor

Christy Philips

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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August 2016

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