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A significant issue among oral and maxillofacial surgeons is the treatment of cysts within the jaw. Cysts develop at random and in most cases asymptomatically. Therefore, they may reach enormous sizes before being diagnosed. Large cysts can cause severe damage to teeth and the surrounding bone. Doctors treat small cysts by surgically removing them. However, this approach is not ideal for large cysts due to the risk of surgical complications, the high expenses incurred, and the fact that it is often undesired by the patient. Current treatments include surgically opening the cyst and either suturing the tissue open or placing a small plug in the opening. However, these treatments lack key elements such as retentiveness, biocompatibility, and comfort. The objective of this project is the treatment of large, fluid-filled, benign cysts that form in the human jaw or other facial bones through creation of a tube-like structure that will serve as a conduit between the cyst and the inside of the mouth in order to equalize pressure between the two spaces and allow healing to occur, as currently there is no device which is made specifically for the purpose of keeping cyst drainage holes open. The final design is a single cylindrical tube made from PLA with increased porosity on the outside and increased density on the inside, a widened rim at the end that will remain in the oral cavity, and insertable tabs that will pop open at the end of the device that will be inside the bone. These tabs will secure the device in place and prevent it from being dislodged.

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Dr. Renee Olivares-Navarrete

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Dr. Dean DeLuke

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August 2016

Marsupialization Catheter