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The goal of our project was to develop an application in the cloud which automates complex business tasks. The application allows users to create configurable events consisting of a trigger followed by an action. Triggers are designed for common tasks such as scanning a directory or email inbox for new files. When a new file is detected, the application triggers the execution of an associated action such as sending an email alerting the user of the changes or processing and moving the files. Users are thus able to automate complex tasks by configuring event sequences, leading to an increase in productivity and work efficiency on a daily basis.

The project also investigated the logistics of deploying applications to the cloud, by researching new tools and technologies used for cloud deployment. Our project consists of a REST driven server, along with a website and a small desktop tray application. We successfully employed several technologies for continuous integration and modular design. Also by hosting the application as a service in the cloud, we solved several problems for both the customer and the applications’ developers. There is no need for a lengthy installation process for the customer, and the developers now have an easier way to regularly update the application to meet customers’ needs. The outcome of the project was both a developed cloud application and research on new technologies for cloud deployment.

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cloud, workflow, automation, services


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Cloud Workflow Automation