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Traditional call center and telecommunication hardware is being replaced by thin, browser-based, cloud enabled web services. Industry standards for web based communication protocols, such as WebRTC, are being established. AMC needed to address this new technology, while maintaining a hybrid approach of server-based capabilities, taking advantage of the web-based communication channel, while broadcasting events to the Contact Canvas Server. Contact Canvas Agent Palette is the editing platform of the AMC adapter for, allowing agents to communicate with customers through the AMC adapter/ Softphone. Using Agent Palette, the task was to integrate Video Chat using WebRTC into the AMC toolbar. Two agents use a peer-to-peer connection to establish communication with one another. The connected two can communicate through video chat which supports screen pop. The components that were provided and used were the AMC adapter for, the Agent Palette, and the Customer Relation Management (CRM) database. The AMC adapter is an HTML Softphone that can be used to voice enable, while and Node.js were used to communicate with the server side. Eventually this video chat will advance to the point where communication will be established between agents and their customers.

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video chat, call centers, WebRTC, customer relation management


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

AMC Native WebRTC Client