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Company Health Dashboard is a web application that serves as a tool to display information in dynamic grid-like modules. This application displays viewer-friendly information on the televisions around the company office using Raspberry Pi devices. In order to benefit different types of users, the application divides the screen into multiple customizable modules, with each module representing different information. Company employees, for example, can view information about company news, upcoming events, or even what’s on tap for that day. Visitors or clients, on the other hand, can see information about the company while waiting for their meeting.

The design of the dashboard is made to the company’s own liking, having a centralized manager page that can customize each module type, name, title, description and background image. The manager has the ability to handle multiple screens, the admin can add multiple screen layouts and assign those layouts to specific televisions around the office. This lets the company have different screens for different floors or rooms depending on their use. This application has a lot of room for customization and will allow employees and visitors to understand the company’s overall status.

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Dashboard, Information, Status


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Company Health Dashboard