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In the past years Richmond has been growing in popularity in the world of street art. This popularity is due in part to the many projects that brought in artists from around the world to create beautiful artwork. There is so much art outside in Richmond as a result of these projects, but no great way to navigate the streets of the city in an efficient manner to see all of it. Richmond Mural Tour is a mobile cross-platform application that allows users to explore all of the amazing outdoor artwork around the city.

This application is built on ionic 2, a cross-platform framework that allows developers to write code in one language, Javascript. The project can then be built into a native iOS, Android, and Windows phone applications. The app utilizes the Google Maps Javascript API to display a map of all the murals in Richmond. It then allows users to build and customize “Tours” or routes with any number of murals that have been selected. It also takes advantage of the Mapquest Web API to find the most optimal route between a list of waypoints. To serve all of this data to mobile phones this application uses a simple ASP.NET Core web API to transmit the data to devices via the internet.

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Murals, Mobile, Cross-Platform, Richmond


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Richmond Mural Tour