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Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death globally and is unwitnessed in most cases. This begs the question: how can anyone know that an individual is experiencing cardiac arrest if no one is around to see it? MULT 603 has designed a cardiac arrest monitoring device that a person can wear on their wrist. This device detects the individual’s heartbeat; in the case that the person’s heartbeat drops below their normal individual threshold, their family, doctors, and friends along with emergency medical services will be notified of their location and condition. The hope is to drastically improve response times, put the minds of families in which a loved one has had past heart complications at ease, and eliminate unnecessary loss of life.

The branding for this concept is named Cardian, a hybrid of “Cardiac” and “Guardian”. The mission of Cardian is to provide ease of mind and eliminate unnecessary loss of life by utilizing simple and easy to use technology and pairing it with powerful engineering and emergency medical services. The primary customer (the target market) is those age 65 plus with heart disease. The unmet need is a gap in telehealth services (NAICS 621999) for autonomous alerting of medical emergencies; in this project, the emergency of SOHCA. Over 85 million Americans have some form of heart disease, and the target market makes up of 40 million of this number. At one percent market capture and the current price point of $150, annual revenue potential is $60,000,000.

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Cardiac Arrest, Wearable Device, Heart Disease, Telehealth


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May 2018

Wearable Device to Detect Cardiac Arrest