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The purpose of this project is to reduce the physical exertion and radiological exposure of the maintenance worker by reducing mixing time of water and resin beads when replacing resin beads in a shipboard tank. Presently, a maintenance worker empties ⅓ cubic foot of resin media into a bucket, and fills the bucket with about 1-⅓ gallons of water. Then the water and resin media is mixed with a paddle by hand, until it appears homogeneous, creating a slurry. The slurry is dumped into a funnel after the mixing process and introduced to the system after the discharge valve is opened. This process is ineffective, as the water and resin tend to separate before the funnel empties. The introduction of a mixing apparatus will increase the efficiency of the mixing process and thereby decrease the time necessary to create and maintain the homogeneous slurry prior to discharge into the onboard tank. This method will reduce worker fatigue, worker radiation exposure, and the overall time lost to constant remixing due to settling. The design will be easy to replicate and redesigned if necessary to fit alternate funnels. The construction of the mixing apparatus will require relatively inexpensive components and can be completed in a short amount of time, adding to the overall efficiency of the design.

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Resin, Mixing, Shipboard, Radiation


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. John Speich

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Media Mixing Apparatus