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The proposed device has the main goal to protect a vehicle and personal inside the vehicle in the event of an explosion from underneath of a Humvee most likely caused by an IED explosion. The constraints were that the vehicle could not be lifted too far off the ground to increase the chance the vehicle rollover; the design should not block accessibility to the passengers; be versatile in order to help fit different model vehicles; and most important be able to help in deflecting the blast away from the vehicle. The final design consisted on a V-shaped blast shield similar to what has already been developed for the larger Mine Resistant Armored Protected vehicles, but with an adjustable width feature. There are three main components the first being an I-Beam located in the center which will hold two plates together. These plates deflect the majority of the blast from below, outwards, and are set at an angle of 22o off the x-axis. Our calculations showed that this angle was theoretically able to reduce the force in the y-direction (direction in which the vehicle is located) by about 37.4%. The third component is a pair of two railings that will be able to slide into the metal shield and assist when the device is being installed on to the Humvee.

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IED, Prevention, Blast Shield, Humvee, Explosion


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Mossi

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Explosion Damping Device (Blast Shield)