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Tatami is an open source enterprise social network created by Ippon, a consulting and software design company with offices in France and the USA. Any company can install Tatami, allowing its employees to communicate in a Twitter-like fashion. Self-hosting Tatami also lets a company retain ownership of its data, keeping it out of the hands of third parties.

Tatami’s front end was originally coded using the Backbone.js library, which can make it challenging to add and modify features. Ippon decided to have it rewritten using the AngularJS web application framework, which will fix the previously mentioned problems. This rewrite will also allow contributors to easily overhaul Tatami’s conversation experience in the future.

Technology moves fast, so Tatami is a bit out of date in the back end as well. We will rewrite all database related Java code to work with the latest recommended version of Cassandra, the chosen database software for Tatami. Also, we will modify the Spring Framework back end to use Spring Boot so that companies can get Tatami up and running quicker.

Currently we have moved the front end from Backbone.js to AngularJS. We will spend the Spring 2015 semester upgrading the back end. Once all upgrades are complete, we expect it to be easier for software developers all over the world to contribute to Tatami on GitHub. Lastly, more activity on Tatami’s repository will help introduce more people to Tatami and increase the adoption of Tatami as the preferred way for employees to stay connected within their company.

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Preetam Gosh

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July 2015

Tatami: An open source enterprise social network