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Our project’s main goal is to optimize the process of punching and cutting DIN rail in a manufacturing setting. The current method for cutting and punching DIN rails is tedious and simply too time consuming. An operator is needed to manually load the DIN rail into the cutter, measure the required length and activate the cutter. While this simple process may not take too long at first glance, companies, like Weidmuller, must be able to produce large-quantity orders to successfully meet the demands of their customers. By turning to automation, we are effectively reducing the amount of time it takes to produce an order for custom DIN rails. Our machine features a belt-driven actuator placed inline with a cutter and puncher system driven by a pneumatic compressor and operated by a HMI interface. This allows the operator to input the desired length of rail, type of punch (transverse or longitudinal), and distance between punches. Once the DIN rail is placed manually into the actuator and locked into place, the machine will activate and go through the programmed routine. This eliminates the need for measuring each cut and punch of the rail, effectively reducing the time it takes to complete each order as well as reducing human error.

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Automation, Manufacturing, Efficiency, Precision


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Frank Gulla

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May 2018

Automated DIN Rail Cut and Punch Machine