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The objective of this project is to accurately measure the forces the teeth and jaw experience when subjected to impact. For this purpose piezoelectric technology (PVDF), which converts voltage to force and vice versa can be used to measure forces applied to teeth. A PVDF cable is calibrated and used for measuring force along with a control measuring device (PCB Piezotronics). The method involves wrapping the PVDF cable around a 3D home-printed, customized denture. The cable was chosen due to the fact that it allows for adequate fit between mouth guard and denture. Two masses, a baseball and 2 lbs - 3D printed projectile, were dropped from a height of 1m onto the denture with and without mouth guard. Results showed a significant force absorption by the mouth guard (more than 50% of initial impact force). After several trials, (n=10 for each group, baseball with and without mouthguard, as well as 2lbs), it was found that the impact shock absorption by the mouth guard ranged between 60-70%. Figure 1 shows the values at which the denture was impacted, with and without a mouth guard for baseball and 2 lbm cylinder. Finally, FEA Analysis was also used to show the regional stress and strain along the denture.

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Impact, Piezoelectric, Absorption, Mouth guard


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Laleh Golshahi

Faculty Advisor/Mentor

Dr. Heloisa Terra

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Dr. Peter Moon

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May 2018

Measurement of Impact Forces on Teeth and Jaw when Wearing Sports Mouth Guards