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The Formula SAE Intake System is intended to optimize the airflow into a restricted 600cc engine. The intake system is designed, fabricated, and installed in accordance with the FSAE rule book with a focus on maximizing the vehicle’s acceleration. It is directly responsible for determining the drivability of the car and how much horsepower the flow restricted engine produces.

Design of the intake was conceptualized based on researching a number of factors including venturi diffusion angles, plenum volumes, and runner lengths. Initial tests were performed utilizing computational fluid dynamics for a total of 367 flow simulations and 261 running hours on various intake components in SolidWorks Flow Simulation 2016. From the beginning, it was known that the intake needed to possess certain contours that would be very difficult to create with sheet metal. It was for this reason that a composite construction was pursued for the plenum of the intake manifold, utilizing fused deposition modeling to form the mold. Flow testing and dynamometer testing will be utilized to verify the effectiveness of the design. In the end, the intake system will provide peak performance in the flow restricted system. The increased brake horsepower and improved vehicle drivability will provide a competitive advantage on any race course.

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May 2018

Formula SAE Intake System