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We are presenting micro-scale logic devices using single cantilever relays fabricated in-plane from single crystal Silicon. These logic devices are designed to protect electrical systems that require a high level of security by being completely hack proof by not having the ability or need to be connected to any outside internet connection. Because these devices are fabricated from silicon, they are extremely reliable, durable and adaptable. Silicon’s high Young’s Modulus allows the cantilevers to function for an extremely long time, compared to other materials such as metal that will start to fatigue over time, producing a longer life span of the devices. The logic devices are also Rad-Hard and chemically resilient. This allows the devices to remain durable in many types of environments from satellites orbiting the Earth to Nuclear power plants and submarines to industrial manufacturing plants with harsh chemicals. These devices can also be fabricated to have device actuation voltages from a fraction of a volt to tens of thousands of volts allowing the devices the ability to function in almost any electrical system.

We have also innovated a new processing procedure using hi-resolution shadowing masking techniques that improves the fabrication of these devices. By using the hi-resolution shadow mask, we are able to reduce the number of steps required to fabricate the logic devices, shorten the processing time and reduce the chemical waste from fabrication. This allows the devices to be fabricated at a lower cost while also reducing the environmental impact from chemical waste.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Gary M. Atkinson

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

S.H.I.E.L.D Relays (Shadow-masked Hack-proof Ion Etched Latch Deterrence Relays)