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This project addresses the issue of making hearing tests available to more people, specifically those who live in parts of the world where audiologist are not readily available. Most countries around the world, including first-world countries, have a large gap in hearing testing when put in the perspective of the amount of hearing loss in their people. Most portable audiometers only perform air conduction hearing tests, yet physicians are in need of vital bone conduction information for proper diagnosis. To address this need, we developed an audiometer that is portable, yet also supports air and bone conduction testing. Features that allow portability include noise cancelling headphones, battery power, and a small form factor. With the inclusion of noise cancelling technology, this device eliminates the need for a sound-proof booth to perform hearing tests. Additionally, an audiologist is not required to perform the hearing test due to the automated test procedure and intuitive user interface. With this feature set, this device will be portable enough to be used by screening organizations in third world countries while still providing sophisticated diagnostic information normally only available in audiology clinics.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Michael Cabral

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Portable Pure-Tone Audiometer