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Massey Cancer Center is currently bound by an internal Active Directory and role based account system and organizations outside of VCU need to write specific code to be able to access the information provided. Massey wanted to move their system to a federated account system with claims based authentication. This project is important because having information readily available to other trusted cancer research groups will help promote understanding and treatment of cancerous cells. Our approach was to take what we learned in CMSC 355 to create a design document that was approved by Dr. Fenstermacher. We used this to create a system that was claims based. We currently have a functioning prototype, are familiar with C#, familiarized ourselves with the Cohort Discovery Tool so we will be prepared to tackle it next semester. We anticipate having a polished security and token system, and have the cohort discovery tool configured properly for client’s needs.

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computer science, authentication


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Preetam Gosh

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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July 2015

Federated Account System For Accelerated Development of Internal Systems