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There is a need to monitor critical information during brake testing to obtain feedback and, ultimately, more insight on the brake performance of a vehicle. Currently, much of the data logging equipment required for testing is very specialized and consequently expensive. Additionally, automotive test vehicles apply older technology that is often not integrated with data analytics for calibrating stopping distance, number of stops, deceleration, and brake squeal. Presently, drivers fill out forms describing issues with brakes.

Our team generated a device for FDP Brakes that monitors brake pad temperature, brake line pressure, and GPS location and speed of a test vehicle. This device is able to write data to an SD card in a tabulated format that can be interpreted by spreadsheet software to generate graphs of temperature, pressure, and speed/acceleration over time. Furthermore, the data can be viewed overlaying a map, implemented with a Google Maps web page applet, to show where events occurred. The device also displays up-to-date information at runtime regarding brake temperature and pressure, along with device status messages for error reporting and brake squeal detection, on a small LCD.

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brakes, DAQ, data acquisition, FDP


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Yuichi Motai

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

FDP – VCU Data Acquisition Device