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The “Bring Out Your Exceptions” project is a robust online automated data collection and aggregation utility. Specifically designed to handle application to application communication so that system health analysis can be performed easily within minutes by both trained and untrained personnel. The utility, once set-up, receives relevant data (be it crash errors or current system health) from remote systems without human interaction being required. This will allow for faster turn-around on patch development and addressing future errors without reliance on a client requesting help.

Created using a combination of tools and languages such as Javascript, GoLang, Node.JS, RabbitMQ, and MongoDB, the “Bring Out Your Exceptions” project successfully handles communications from remote systems and parses the necessary information before storing it for future retrieval and analysis. Combined further with the use of Kibana, an aesthetically pleasing interface is produced for the user in which statistics about the underlying data are readily presented with real-time analysis as it enters the system.

The “Bring Out Your Exceptions” project is capable of future growth that allows it to generically accept data from any system rather than the current pre-defined system and also due to its use of Kibana is extremely user-friendly for data analysis. Line graphs, pie charts, and bar charts are all easily added and configured with a few clicks of the mouse and allows for accurate and quick representation of underlying data from remote systems which helps to streamline both the development process of future solutions as well as to enrich current knowledge of ongoing issues.

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data analysis, remote collection, application-application communication, automation


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Digital Analysis of Heartbeats from Remote Machines