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The main purpose of our project was the creation of a persistent conference registration management system. The Computational Complexity Foundation (CCF) is an organization aiming to foster research and education in computational complexity theory. The main activity of the organization is its annual conference, the Computational Complexity Conference (CCC). Dr. Sevag Gharibian, member of the Board of Governors for the CCF and assistant professor at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Engineering Computer Science Department, wished for our team to design a user-friendly fully-integrated conference registration system for the CCC. Dr. Gharibian wanted our product to have the following functionalities: creation/management of user accounts including higher-permission admin accounts, conference registration including secure payment processing for any applicable fee(s), announcements/updates, long term data storage and statistics gathering/reporting.

In order to fulfill the above requirements, we decided to use a combination of Django for the development of the front-end and an SQL database to make up our backend and store all of the data collected. Our system takes a user through the conference registration process in an efficient manner. There are three types of users of our system. Regular users have the capability to register for our system, view conference information and register and pay for conferences they wish to attend. Administrative users have the ability to create conferences, manage conference information and download conference statistics. Site administrators have complete control over the database and complete control over all conferences in the system.

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Registration System, Django, Python, mySQL


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Sevag Gharibian

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Conference Registration System