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Our project was to develop a prototype learning management system for use of higher education for our sponsor, Gyrus Systems. This consisted of creating a MySQL relational database to store user and class information, to design and code a user interface that emphasized user experience, and to implement functionalities for each user role.

Early in the design phase we outlined which features were must haves, in order to demonstrate an adequate prototype, and had this list approved by our sponsor. They were then divided into two roles. The role of “student” has the ability to submit assignments, get information from their instructor, and receive and review grades for submitted assignments. The role of “professor” has the ability to post assignments, receive and grade student submissions, send their students information about the class, and post materials for the students to review.

The application is hosted on a shared web server and the work was done through a cPanel Portal. The UI is constructed with a custom bootstrap and our functional code is in jQuery. Transactions between our front-end and the MySQL database are handled in PHP.

Our final product is a functional web-application that accommodates the must haves outlined in our original design. The main pages are the page for class information, the page for viewing grades, the page for viewing announcements, and the dashboard containing quick information. The pages are designed for the fulfillment of the different roles’ unique needs.

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Dr. Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

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