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One issue that large companies struggle with is the ability for employees to find contact information and communicate with other employees. Capital One has had a mobile directory iOS application in the past, but their information was static and difficult to change, and the interface left much to be desired. Instead of refactoring the app, Capital One requested us to scrap the previous application entirely, and start from scratch, keeping just the basic principle of it being a mobile directory app. The purpose of the new application is to be able to easily access information and communicate with other members of the Capital One Development team, but provide a more dynamic interface. The iOS app would provide a user-friendly UI with intuitive functionality for a simple and meaningful user experience. A user would be able to view all employees and teams currently on the Capital One Development Team, including their own profile which they are able to edit from within the app. By searching a specific employee, the user would be able to view their profile containing the skills, teams, and contact information for that employee. The user would also be able to contact the employee directly within the app via call, text, or email. We developed the Capital One Mobile Directory application using Swift 3 and Xcode. Our team put a large emphasis on a clean UI and great user experience since that was an issue the previous app had. Our mobile app has gone through many iterations of development over the past 6 months including a complete overhaul of our UI, and adding several features in order to enhance our user experience. The data for our application will be pulled in from a non-relational realtime database. Included in the project is a Python script that was developed to read a CSV file from Capital One, which provides information on all employees and teams within the development department. With this script, Capital One can update the application’s database very easily with files of new employees, and can remove old employees. We will then use that information to populate the fields on each employee and team within the iOS app. The application will be distributed amongst Capital One employees through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

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UI, iOS, Dynamic, User-Experience


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Dr. Robert Dahlberg

VCU Capstone Design Expo Posters


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May 2018

Capital One Mobile Directory