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Problem statement The goal is to determine the parameters which produce the optimal filters.

Rationale Melt-blowing is a process by which Delta Pure uses to manufacture water filters. Several production parameters affect the characteristics of these filters and the goal is to determine which variables impact these characteristics the most.

Approach Three different production parameters were chosen; air pressure, polymer temperature, and extruder speed. Eight filters were produced with each parameter set to high and low points, as well as one filter which served as a midpoint for the data. These filters were run in the testing rig (pictured above) to find the differential pressure and the flow rate through the filter. The filters were then subjected to a compression test to find the load that the filters could take. Afterwards, statistical software was run to determine the parameters which most affected the filters’ rigidity, differential pressure, and flow rate.

Anticipated results and conclusions • Selection of parameters for testing of Filters by setting up a 3x3 DOE • Test pressure differential, flow rate, and rigidity of the filters • Use statistical software to find the optimal conditions of filter production

Results • Of the three chosen parameters, air pressure and extruder speed had the greatest impact on the filters’ characteristics. • Changes in flow rate were negligible across all the tested filters.

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Rudy Krack

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Ben Ward

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August 2015

Cartridge Filter Testing and Development

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