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In this project we will be developing a system to help monitor temperature in data centers. This system will include software and a circuit to route resistive temperature devices (RTDs) (Figure 1) to a microchip which will output their readings as data. The system should be able to connect with 64 RTDs, read the temperatures from them, and make the data accessible over a network. This system could also be used in other situations besides data centers. The user would decide where to place the devices and how to use the temperature data. This system will allow more RTDs to be monitored by the microchip than can currently be monitored. Currently one of the microchips can control 8 RTDs in a daisy chain configuration. The system will also allow the data to be accessed over a network. With this capability the user can check on the temperatures in the data center remotely. If successful, this project will give data center managers the capability to monitor for hot spots more easily and thoroughly. The system will be composed of the circuit which routes the RTDs to the chip and the software on the computer to control everything. To design the circuit block, diagrams will be used to represent the components and their functions. More detailed models will be made using circuit design software (Figure 2). Block diagrams will also be used to lay out the functions of the software. The software will need to send the current RTD routing data to the circuit, translate the data from the microchip, store the data, and supply the data in response to queries on the network. The system will use category 5 Ethernet cables for all connections, and the MAX31865 chip to read the RTDs. A raspberry pi device will be used as the controlling computer and will be programmed using the python programming language.

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electrical and computer engineering, temperature measurement


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Michael Cabral

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August 2015

Temperature Measurement of Server Room