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With a constant rise in the automobile industry, there is a demand for more advanced integratable technology along with it. With the consumer’s safety always in mind, automobile companies are adding more to their systems to help detect and prevent collisions. Among these technologies is the object detection system. In summary, this component warns or reacts to oncoming objects that could put the driver in danger. As with any piece of technology, there are problems and bugs that the object detection system can come across that would cause it to act irregularly. In turn, this requires the availability of technicians who can troubleshoot and fix these systems. Currently, there are no systems in the market that simulate troubleshooting for object detection systems. Our system will provide the needed simulation to help automotive technicians learn how to troubleshoot object detection systems. This project will help train automotive technicians on troubleshooting automatic object detection systems for automobiles. Our project will give an expanded view of the components that make up the object detection systems that have not been shown before and will give students a deeper understanding of these systems. Our design will feature a front facing camera that will detect simple objects or shapes and an LED bank to represent the automatic braking. There will also be two distance sensors that will simulate blind spot detection with LED lights to show when an object is detected. Our system will be controlled with an Arduino microcontroller. Our automatic accident prevention system will demonstrate automatic braking and provide training technicians a visual aid for debugging similar systems. With intentional bugs implemented in the software and hardware, this training system will prove very useful for educational institutions.

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electrical and computer engineering, automobile


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Michael Cabral

Faculty Advisor/Mentor

Weijun Xiao

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August 2015

Automotive Object Detection Training System