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Problem Statement: VCU will be putting together state of the art 3D curved screen driving simulator. This simulator will mimic fleets of vehicles behavior and will be networked with INL and Univ. of Idaho simulators. The project will entail putting the simulator together and improving existing simulator software.

Rationale: Conduct research in the areas of important behaviors to increase driver efficiency, how simulation training can encourage good driving habits, Psychology of driver habits and distractions, and benefits of audio and visual cues to assist drivers. Approach: Identify the most optimal 3d engine and develop simulation environment using the chosen engine.

Interim Results: • Identified the optimal 3d engine • Static objects and obstacles • Sky environment • Cameras and lighting • Field of view terrain • Load .scene of drivable course

Anticipated results: • Physics • Dynamic Traffic • Day/Night and Seasons • Make a drivable bus with User Interface for driver • Apply to new 3D screen equipment and Support for steering wheel and pedals

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computer science, driving simulation


Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Milos Manic

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July 2015

Virtual Bus Simulation: Driver and Fuel Efficiency