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The objective of the VCU Neuroguard project was to design and build a device to shield all medical personnel in Operating Room-33, at MCV Hospital, from radiation during neurological procedures that utilize a Siemens Artis Zee biplane X-ray machine. The initial goal was to develop a fully working prototype but due to monetary reasons this goal was adjusted to a working prototype minus the radiation shielding materials.

There were many requirements for the VCU Neuroguard set forth by the customer and by the team, including the ability to shield all the medical staff in the room, the ability for them to work without it getting in the way, sterilization, visibility, the ability to move with the operating table, and weight restrictions. In the beginning, the team observed procedures, researched existing devices, studied the Xray machine and operating room set up. The team then conducted various materials research, utilized SolidWorks®, and radiation shielding calculations to complete the design.

The final prototype (seen below) is a free standing barrier constructed of 80/20® aluminum framing and surrogate radiation shielding materials that attaches to and moves in conjunction with the operating table. Further work on this project will include the implementation of functional radiation shielding materials and development of a permanent mechanism to attach the device to the operating table as well as adding adaptability for use in other operating environments. A fully functional Neuroguard will protect medical professionals and alleviate the use of cumbersome personal protective equipment.

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Mechanical and nuclear engineering, shield, prototype, X-ray, Neuroguard


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Dr. Rosa Marina Bilbao Y Leon

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Dr. Jessika V Rojas Marin

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Dr. Gary Tepper

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Dr. Lisa Feldman

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August 2016

VCU Neuroguard: Multi-person Radiation Shielding Device