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The purpose of this project was to develop a better, safer, more efficient system for Sealeze to manufacture spiral-wrapped strip brushes in a continuous fashion at a variable diameter. The end results produced a finalized drawing sheet for machining and production, numerous design variations within CAD drawings, and extensive mechanical evaluations and analyses proving the strength and capabilities of the proposed design. In production of these brushes, various different materials will be used for the core, backing, and filament, creating a need for a mandrel that will be strong enough to handle the most resiliant of materials while maintaining a narrow margin of tolerances for numerous manufacturing jobs while remaining man-portable and minutely adjustable. During the development stage of the project a traditional approach of design, analyze, review, consult, repeat was employed where meetings with the sponsor organization were frequent as progress was made through numerous iterations before arriving at the final design. Despite production of a functioning design that met the sponsor's desires and initial project development goals, the project is marked by its large size and possible issues of binding and seizing if not properly employed. In addition, the design does not function adequately at small sizes, limiting the range of application. Despite this, based on long term production, the mandrel will increase safety and efficiency for the manufacture of custom-sized, spiral-wrapped strip brushes in an industrial setting.

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Mechanical and nuclear engineering, Mandrel, Brush, Industrial, Variable


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Charles Cartin

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David Chrisman

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Milo Hairfield

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Doug Laws

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August 2016

Continuously Expanding Mandrel