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This senior design project is sponsored by Newport News Shipbuilding. The objective of this project is to design a pipe hanger system that could be installed during initial fabrication while still allowing adjustment when the pipe path deviates from the initial drawings. The design must be cheap and utilize already existing parts. One key constraint is to hold a load of 250 pounds and withstand a velocity between 100-120 inches per second. The original design created utilizes a C-channel track attached to the ceiling and a spring locking mechanism to provide flexibility. This final design eliminated the spring device with a nut and rod locking mechanism and a threaded rod between the C-channel track and the marine style pipe hanger. This design was tested against the constraints given by NNS, using the program ANSYs workbench. The design was found to be able to withstand 100-120 inches per second velocity without faltering. The design was found to be able to withstand up to 6014 psi. Once the computer testing was complete, the total cost was calculated. This was estimated originally at a range of $50- $60. The end price was calculated at $90, this was without the track. For the constraint of a cheap product to be achieved, the design will need to be altered to use either cheaper materials, cheaper tools, or cheaper components.

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Mechanical and nuclear engineering, pipe hanger


Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering

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Frank Gulla

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Robert Smyth

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Tammy Rossi

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August 2016

Adjustable Pipe Hanger: Newport News Shipbuilding