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The need addressed in this project is to accurately keep track of individuals in Richmond parks, and provide real-time actionable data for analysis and response. To do this, Satellite systems take pictures, perform object detection and send data to the Central Controller. Central Controller performs accuracy analysis and records end result. It also sends client commands to the satellite systems. Remote client gathers data from the central controller, and allows the user to change satellite system’s operation modes.

There were several constraints associated with the project 1) Supplied Power 2) Privacy protection 3) Number of satellite units (cost) 4) People Density 5) Daytime operation limit

This system should accurately measure the use of Byrd park tennis courts. Provide a simple and easy to use interface in which will allow Enrichmond to maintain and adjust the system. There were issues faced with the project including distance limitations of the cameras and people density. Also, creating a wireless system in which no external power outlet is utilized by satellite Cameras. This created problems in power balancing between the solar panel and the power needed by the battery. The impact this project has is listed below. 1) Save money by mitigating the need for personnel or turn-style counting systems. 2) help make budget evaluations & allocations easier and more thoughtful with the use of data collected. Keywords:

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Electrical and computer engineering, People tracking, Object Detection, Wireless system, Data analysis


Electrical and Computer Engineering | Engineering

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Carl Elks

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John Syndor

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August 2016

People Counting in Open Spaces