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Journal of Applied Physics





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November 2015


Variations in cation occupancy in mixed metal ferrite systems can affect their electronic and magnetic properties. It is known that different synthesis parameters can lead to various cation distributions and the ability to tune these distributions is of great interest. This study uses the extended x-ray-absorption fine structure–IR relationship to investigate the effect of various Fe2+/Fe3+ ratios in initial synthesis conditions on cation distribution for manganesezincferrite (MZFO). Differences in the precipitated material before firing could lead to differences in the final material if fired under similar conditions. This work uses several different ratios of Fe3+/Fe2+, which will affect the initial cell potential for the reaction, to synthesize nano MZFO. All samples were fired for 5h at 500°C under flowing nitrogen. Transmission electron microscopy micrographs reveal highly crystalline uniform nanoparticles of 16±2nm. The x-ray diffraction revealed single phase crystalline MZFO with an average crystallite size of around 14nm. The saturation magnetization ranged from 43to68emu∕g as measured by vibrating-sample magnetometry. The Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) analysis was used to determine the cation occupancies while changing the initial Fe3+/Fe2+ ratios from 10∕90 to90∕10. The FTIRspectra revealed a shift in the first absorption region in the far IR from 566.98to549.62cm−1 corresponding to the octahedral occupancies. This shift corresponds to a change in the percentage of octahedral sites occupied by manganese from roughly 25% to 12%. This change in manganese occupancy is also observed in the iron occupancies, which in turn help to explain the variation in saturation magnetization.


Shultz, M. D., Allsbrook, M. J., & Carpenter, E. E. Control of the cation occupancies of MnZn ferrite synthesized via reverse micelles. Journal of Applied Physics, 101, 09M518 (2007). Copyright © 2007 American Institute of Physics.

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