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Research Report

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November 2014


As a major research university in an urban environment, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) is an anchor institution for Greater Richmond, contributing to the economic vitality and health of the entire region. As VCU takes its place among the nation’s top 50 public research universities, determined by The Center for Measuring University Performance, our guiding principles have been an abiding focus on student success at all levels, unparalleled innovation through research, a university-wide commitment to human health, and engagement and empowerment in the communities we serve. VCU strengthened its position as a top-ranked urban, public research university and earned “Research University, Very High Research Activity” status and the elective community engagement classification from the Carnegie Foundation (one of only 28 national public research universities with academic medical centers that hold both distinctions). In building on its commitment, the current strategic plan emphasizes community engagement as a priority and includes community engagement as a means to providing high quality learning experiences and advancing excellence in research ( Partially due to its commitment in community engagement, the university is one of 60 institutions with a NIH-sponsored Clinical and Translational Sciences Award (CTSA).

As the size, mission and complexity of the modern university has grown, so has the need for information to support its decision-making and to describe its efforts and impact. This dynamic store of information is commonly referred to as “enterprise data”.

This report provides a summary of existing and developing enterprise data mechanisms that track and assess VCU’s engagement with our communities. The data collection mechanisms for the following metric areas are summarized: Service-Learning; Service Hours; Community-Engaged Research; University-Community Partnerships.

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VCU Division of Community Engagement

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Holton, V. & Jettner, J.F. (2014). Measuring & Monitoring Impact of Community Engagement: A Brief Review of Existing and Planned Systematic Data Collection Mechanisms. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA.