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Problem: In terms of healthcare, the transgender population is underserved. Unfortunately, these individuals often experience stress related to seeking preventative care and fear discrimination. These factors preventing them from seeking care, in addition to hormone therapy taken during the transition process, could have severe impacts on their dental health. The purpose of this study is to establish a link between the hormone therapy used during gender transitioning and the effect on oral health. While there is a correlation between hormone replacement therapy and clinical evidence that sex hormones can impact on periodontal tissues, few studies have linked this knowledge to the healthcare needs of the transitioning population.

Methods: Research was obtained from PubMed, the database of Dental and Oral Sciences Sources, Google Scholar, and LGBTQ+ databases. Recent studies and literature reviews were analyzed to determine if there was a correlation between hormone therapy and the health of the oral cavity. All sources found were published within five years.

Major Findings: Many studies have revealed that there is an effect on sex hormones on the oral cavity. If it can happen to those that are taking sex hormone then there has to be a correlation to those who are transitioning taking the same hormone. Few studies have been conducted proving this correlation; this topic deserves more research and investigation.

Conclusions: There is a clinical correlation between hormone replacement therapy and sex hormones and their effects on the oral cavity. Therefore, there is a possible correaltion to the transgender population that is taking hormones. As this population continues to grow, and more individuals identify as a part of the community, it is important to continue to research this topic.

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Transgender, Hormone Therapy, Periodontitis, Periodontal Disease


Dental Hygiene

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Ms. LaTesha McLee

Dental Hygiene Student Scholarship

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April 2020

The Potential Effects of Hormonal Therapy and Stress on the Oral Health of the Transitioning Population