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Objectives: The purpose of this review of literature is to measure the effectiveness, and future of eco-friendly1 dental hygiene products in the dental field. As the manufacturing of products from food to technology increases over time, so does the sentiment for environmental practices. The numerous organizations that push for more sustainable initiatives in modern-day society continue to increase over time. The efforts for sustainable practices can be seen in the field of dentistry through dental hygiene products. These products range from compostable toothbrushes, waste-free toothpastes to organic floss advertised for use by the public. In reviewing the efficacy of the eco-friendly products, this can lead the field of dentistry to have a decreased environmental carbon footprint and practice Green dentistry2.

Methods: Literature review was conducted using PubMed as the primary database and Google Scholar for supplemental research. The search is narrowed down by using the MeshTerms listed like sustainability.

Results: The findings of this Literature review of the statistical significance test concluded that the structure and materials of those products that are labeled and approved “eco-friendly” are as effective as those products that are not eco-friendly. There are limitations to the mode of application to some of the products like the toothpaste tablets, however, the active ingredients are the same or as effective as the products recommended by dentists.

Conclusion: Current studies and reviews have shown that eco-friendly products are effective in preventing carious lesions and so, improving overall oral health. Ultimately, eco-friendly products provide sustainability and promote Green dentistry while also aiding in improving oral health.

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Eco-friendly, sustainable, sustainability, Green dentistry, eco-conscious, plastic free, oral hygiene


Alternative and Complementary Medicine | Dental Hygiene | Dental Materials

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April 2022

How Effective are Eco-Friendly Dental Hygiene Products in Preventing Carious Lesions and Improvement in Overall Oral Health