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Doctor of Education Capstone

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Virginia Department of Education Office of Student Services



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April 2022


This dissertation in practice is a response to a request for assistance (RFA) submitted by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Office of Student Services (OoSS). To help school divisions meet Standards of Quality (SOQs) and serve student needs, the VDOE OoSS aims to increase the pipeline of licensed school-based mental health professionals (SMHPs). This Capstone examines staffing and service models that create equitable access to student mental health supports using problem and context analysis, a review of literature, and a three-phased mixed methods data collection. Focus group participants consisted of students and practitioners in the fields of school psychology, counseling, and social work. Document analysis of mental health practice integration was conducted for schools implementing advanced tier models in Virginia Tiered Systems of Support (VTSS) and schools implementing VTSS in conjunction with Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) certification. Additionally, a survey was administered to division-level leadership and SMHPs to examine their understanding of the roles and everyday responsibilities of SMHPs in schools across the state of Virginia.


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