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Applied Physics Letters





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April 2015


The authors report the growth of semipolar (112¯2)GaNfilms on nominally on-axis (101¯0) m-plane sapphire substrates using metal organic chemical vapor deposition. High-resolution x-ray diffraction(XRD) results indicate a preferred (112¯2)GaN orientation. Moreover, epitaxial lateral overgrowth (ELO) of GaN was carried out on the (112¯2) oriented GaN templates. When the ELO stripes were aligned along [112¯0]sapphire, the Ga-polar wings were inclined by 32° with respect to the substrate plane with smooth extended nonpolar a-plane GaN surfaces and polar c-plane GaNgrowth fronts. When compared with the template, the on-axis and off-axis XRD rocking curves indicated significant improvement in the crystalline quality by ELO for this mask orientation (on-axis 1700arcsec for the template, 380arcsec for the ELO sample, when rocked toward the GaNm axis), as verified by transmission electron microscopy(TEM). For growth mask stripes aligned along [0001]sapphire with GaNm-plane as growth fronts, the surface was composed of two {101¯1} planes making a 26° angle with the substrate plane. For this mask orientation XRD and TEM showed no improvement in the crystalline quality by ELO when compared to the non-ELO template.


Ni, X., Özgür, Ü., Baski, A.A., et al. Epitaxial lateral overgrowth of (112¯2) semipolar GaN on (11¯00) m-plane sapphire by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition. Applied Physics Letters, 90, 182109 (2007). Copyright © 2007 AIP Publishing LLC.

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